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2022 Jewelry Trends : Personalized Birthstone Silver Jewelry 

Beautiful Silver Jewelry with Personalized Birthstones Is the Newest Jewellery Style for 2022

Jewelry is indeed one of the most memorable gifts you can give to your partner. But, how to make it more special? Gifting jewelry on special occasions has been the norm for decades. This is why most people resort to jewelry trends which change pretty much every year. In 2022, the emerging jewelry trend that is expected to take the world by storm is personalized birthstone silver jewelry. While jewelry made of sterling silver is always an elegant choice, a personalized approach gives it a better edge than standard gifts. Let’s understand what makes personalized birthstone silver jewelry so popular in recent times.


Celebrate Your Birth

Birthstone silver jewelry is one of the best ways to celebrate your birth and acknowledge your existence. When you give birthstone silver jewelry like the Gaiea ring or Abihti silver heart birthstone ring, you are embracing their birth and presence in your life and the world as a whole.

Birthstone jewelry has been popular for the last two centuries. The trend started in the 50s in France and western Europe, spreading to the other parts of the world. The idea of birthstone originated from the roots of celebrating birth and has been embraced now more than ever.


Lucky Charm

As we said, birthstone jewelry emerged ages ago. Since the last few centuries, birthstones have been believed to be lucky charms for an individual. Different birthstone jewelry denotes various achievements in life. Some enlighten the inner soul, while others bring financial luck to an individual. If the birthstone silver jewelry is chosen as per the month of the birth, the powerful stones have immense potential to transform and influence the lives of your loved ones. It is also believed to be a powerful protector from the evil eye. Thus, gifting your loved ones a birthstone silver jewelry acts as a token of care and luck that you have sent them to flourish further in life.


Comes In Many Variants

Most people presume birthstones to be ugly stones only placed in the tip of the rings or necklaces and are only concerned with astrology. However, you can get your birthstone jewelry in different forms, such as rings and necklaces. Such birthstone jewelry does the job of protection and luck while looking gorgeous with every outfit. When embedded into charms or pendants and paired with sterling silver, it can be one of the most fantastic gifting pieces you can try out this year. Thus, unlike the traditional ideas of birthstone jewelry, personalized birthstone jewelry comes in different variants and looks as stylish as ever!


Parting Words

Birthstone jewelry is estimated to rise in popularity more than ever in 2022. As more people get inclined towards birthstones in general and the power it comes with, knowing the birth month of your special one to give them personalized birthstone jewelry can create a great impression. However, choosing good quality birthstones is as crucial as choosing original sterling silver for jewelry. You should only trust the best brands like Silveright that guarantee the best quality gemstones, birthstones, and other elements in your jewelry.