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How Can Men Style Personalized Name Bracelets

Discover the Various Amazing Ways in Which a Man Can Style Personalized Name Bracelets

Jewelry, especially bracelets, is never limited to a specific gender. Countless men flaunt the most exquisite jewelry pieces and look stunning in them! When styled correctly, you can even rock different personalized name bracelets like the Ulanni bracelet effortlessly! Thus, are you ready to know how and when exactly can you style this accent piece? Let's check it out.


Layered Bangles

The first way to style your personalized name bracelet is to pair it with a watch on the same hand. While the sterling silver adds sophistication, the watch makes the entire look more put together.


For Professional Events

Personalized bracelets can even be worn during formal meetings or dates with your girlfriend. To pair it with formal attire, choose a broad single solid bracelet and avoid layering it. This statement piece will give a more masculine, bold, and sleek look.


For Casual Events

You may seem a bit overboard if you layer too many bracelets with casual outfits. This is why choose single bracelets that give the masculine impression even with blazers or leather jackets. Not to worry, since you can also pull it off with short sleeves in the warmer months.


Follow The One Wrist Rule

According to this rule, whenever you layer bracelets on a hand, choose to keep the other hand bare rather than distributing the bracelets to the other hand too. However, this doesn't apply to other jewelry pieces like rings. On the other hand, you can wear rings if you want to and still rock the bracelets!


Choose The Right Size

A fundamental mistake most men make while choosing bracelets is that they tend to settle for the bigger sizes. While styling a bracelet, you don't want it to be handing or rolling up and down your sleeve. This may draw negative attention. Thus, choose the bracelets that are suitable for your wrists. This will ensure that not only does the bracelet looks good with your outfits but also fits comfortably too.


Find The Perfect Personalized Name Bracelets for Men

Personalized name bracelets are universal and never limited to a specific gender. The captivating designs and stones work well for every gender, outfit, and occasion when styled correctly. To find the best-personalized name bracelets for yourself or your man, check out the collection at Silveright, which are at highly affordable rates, and let the compliments pour in!