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Gift yourself gorgeous pieces of silver this birthday!

Gift yourself gorgeous pieces of silver this birthday!

All of us deserve to be pampered. Irrespective of whether you gave someone in your life or not. You deserve all the love and jewels in life! Nothing better than gifting yourself some jewelry to mark this occasion. If you are looking for some latest jewelry inspiration to Gift yourself gorgeous pieces of silver this birthday, let us give you the right direction. We have listed down the top 6 unique jewelry designs that ought to steal your heart the moment you see them! Let's plan your birthday gift together.

#1- Special Birthstone jewelry

Are you a July baby? Royal Ruby is your birthstone

Or are you born in the winters of December? Blue Zircon is the way to go!

The first jewelry inspiration for 2022 has to be personalized birthstone jewelry. If you are looking to add something in your collection that adds meaning to your birthdate and your existence, you need to get birthstone jewelry for yourself this year!

In case you are confused about the right birthstone based on your birth month, you can always check out our guide on choosing a birthstone according to different birth months

This will give you better insight into the right birthstone per your birth month. 


#2- Personalised initial jewelry

Don't get us wrong. Personalized name necklaces are still a massive trend. But if you want something more unique, you can always look out for personalized initials jewelry. 

These mostly come under minimalist jewelry and work great for every outfit out there. 

The greatest part is you can mix and match the personalization in your jewelry now with Silveright. If you want to get personalized initials jewelry, not only can you customize your initials, but you can also add a birthstone based on your birth month to add more meaning to your jewelry. 


#3- Solitaires

If there was one jewelry trend that would never fade, it has to be solitaires! Solitaries are no longer limited to engagements only as you can also gift yourself brand new solitaire jewelry and slay it with your confidence!

Solitaires work exceptionally well in both your cocktail dresses and yoga pants! Yes. The diversity is incredible with solitaires as you can style it with many outfits without any limitations.

However, often people tend to stick to only the standard solitaire rings for their birthday gifts. Let jewelry not limit you ever!

With the advent of new designs and intricacies each day, you can enjoy your solitaires in a pendant, earrings, and so much more! This is precisely how you can make your solitaire game unique this year!


#4- Emoji jewelry

Irrespective of what age you have stepped into. Forever cherish your fun and goofy side with emoji jewelry. Depending on your regular mood, you can customize an emoji on your favorite piece of jewelry.

Emojis such as a smiley will also remind you to stay positive and happy even during the worst days. Depending on your perspective, you can customize your jewelry with emojis to add meaning to your life. 


#5- Pearls

Pearls are an all-time favorite irrespective of the jewelry trends. You will never find pearls going outdated. Pearls give you so many fantastic options for your birthday!

If you are more towards traditional styling, you can always opt for the standard ones. 

However, if you want to augment your pearl collection further, going for unique pieces in pearl jewelry is your best shot! 

Pearls look exceptionally timeless and elegant for every occasion. Depending on your taste, veer towards the wide diversity of pearls and adorn yourself with this majestic element this birthday!


#6- Engraved jewelry

Remember the quote that kept you going even at your lowest? What about the quote that reminds you of your worth every day and motivates you to keep grinding? Such quotes are immortal in your soul. Why not engrave it into your jewelry too?

Not only can you personalize the name and initials of your jewelry now, but you can also add quotes written in your own handwriting to your jewelry. There are so many jewelers offering handwritten jewelry to consumers, and you have to pick one of them up this year!

Choose a good metal like gold, platinum, or 925 sterling silver for your handwritten jewelry to ensure that the quote remains as new as ever til the next hundred years. You simply need to communicate with the vendor about the quote you would like to engrave in your jewelry, and they can follow the same with the latest technologies available to customize jewelry products in 2022. However, it's advisable to choose shorter quotes as it can keep your jewelry minimalist without making it too cluttered with words.


Final Thoughts

No matter what jewelry gift you select for your birthday this year, it will be a perfect fitting marker for your special day! With the right intention and the beautiful designs from the best jewelers like Silveright, you can get your memories treasured and worn for so many years to come. Thus, gift yourself gorgeous pieces of silver this birthday and seal the occasion with the best quality jewels.