Health Benefits of Silver Jewelry

Know the Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry.

Silver, a metal that is being trusted and carried away for generations after generation. Ever wondered why silver is being prioritised so much? We all might have heard or seen that new-born babies are fed with silver spoons or a silver anklet is being tied to their feet. Apart from the traditional and spiritual affirmations, scientific studies and researches have proved that silver has properties that enrich many health benefits. The benefits of wearing silver jewellery have already been identified by many medical officials and scholars that are accepted worldwide.

The trend to wear jewellery made of silver was introduced way earlier but in recent times, silver jewellery has been in the limelight more than gold because of its vast section of design options to choose from, malleability, affordability, neutral and shiny appearance that goes well with almost everything we wear but apart from all these factors, the antibacterial properties of silver is highlighted. We have seen that silver is often fused with other metals to make an alloy and the reason stands the same because other metals might react with the skin but silver will not only protect your skin but signal you about the changes happening in your body. But not every silver is fit for jewellery making.

Three types of silver are used in the jewellery industry namely:

  • Nickel silver
  • Sterling silver and 
  • Argentum sterling silver.

The benefits of wearing silver jewellery are listed below:

1. Powerful Antimicrobial agent

the first and foremost benefit of wearing silver jewellery is because silver acts as a powerful antimicrobial agent. It is scientifically proven that silver has ionic properties that can identify microorganisms and release ions that destroy the further growth of the microorganisms.  Not only this but wearing silver jewellery can prevent germs and viruses that can cause flu, cold and other associated diseases. It is proved that the silver contains positively charged ions that neutralize bacteria formation and heals wounds or cuts within a short period

2. Balances internal blood circulation and heat regulation of the human body

studies have proved that a person wearing silver jewellery has not only improved blood circulation but also a balanced body heat regulation because silver components have healing properties that provide an enhanced elasticity of the blood vessels which in turn results in making the bone stronger, healing a broken skin or a wound. Silver also checks the water contained in our blood that provides massive support in body heat regulation because almost 70% of the human body contains water and we all are aware that water has a high temperature retaining capacity.

3. Signals us about the reactions happening inside our body

women wearing silver jewellery often realises that their silver jewellery has turned blue or the skin in contact with the jewellery has violet patches. This indicates that some reactions are happening inside our body and the positive ion particles of silver signal us by turning the skin violet or the metal turning blue. This usually happens when the sodium balance inside our body is not stable. We should take measures accordingly by controlling the salt intake and cutting down snacks to follow a healthy diet.

4. Silver holds a spiritual value

 Among the many other benefits of wearing silver jewellery, silver possesses a spiritual and cultural value also. Carried on from ancient ages by our ancestors, we often find that birthstones suggested by astrologers have silver support. Silver is generally chosen for support behind the birthstones because silver does not react with the birthstones and does not decrease the chances for the birthstone to not work. Silver also comes in various shapes, sizes and design options so you have a vast section of customisable choices to make your birthstone jewellery look stylish.

5. Silver helps in medical sterilizations

Whether it be a stethoscope or the equipment needed in an operation, every medical apparatus is made up of silver. Ever wondered why? This is because silver is a non-reactive metal that doesn't change its form even in contact with natural elements like air, water or earth. This helps in finding correct readings and performing accurate operations as silver prevents germs and helps in sterilizing. This is the exact reason why silver jewellery is most preferred.  Silver jewellery will keep your body safe from germs and in turn help to fight infectious diseases. Many officials suggest wearing silver jewellery to the ones having skin rashes or skin diseases as silver will help to fight off the germs and prevent the skin from decaying.

6. Silver jewellery cures health problems like flu, cold, fever, infections etc.

Doctors and medical professionals have already concluded that silver is rich in positive ions that have the power to stabilize negative ions.  This is why silver jewellery is demanded more than any other precious metals. Silver is not that costly as gold but possesses positive values. Contaminated Diseases like flu, fever, cold or infections happen mainly due to germs and viruses that are spread from an infected body. Wearing silver jewellery will reduce the chances of those germs and viruses attacking your immune system and not only that any skin infection that grows bacteria is neutralised by the ions of silver jewellery. This is the reason babies are worn silver jewellery to keep their immune system free of germs. 

7. Prevents electromagnetic radiations from entering the human body

For the improved inventions and technological advancements in this modern era, the human body is exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiations that are ejected by those modern technological advancements such as smartphones, laptops or even speakers. We might not take it into account but our body is affected by these harmful radiations for which we face headaches, body aches, vision problems or even internal issues. Silver acts as a shield and prevents this harmful electromagnetic radiation from entering our body. The positive electrons clash with the negative electrons of the radiations and neutralise thus preventing the body to accept those harmful radiations. It is advised for everyone working along with these harmful radiations to keep a piece of silver jewellery with them all the time. This minor step helps in preventing major diseases.

8. Silver jewellery is non-toxic and non-allergic

silver is a natural element found inside the earth in its natural form. The formation of silver tells us about its healing properties. Silver is used for many medical purposes including in our water filters because silver is capable of improving the immunity power to fight external invasions. Silver is used in medical apparatuses, experiments and instruments because of its non-toxic nature. Silver does not react with any other metal and not only that it prevents the human body from accepting harmful germs that can cause allergies. This is why silver is widely used not only for jewellery but for medicines, utensils, instruments, water, clothes, materials etc.

In recent times, anxiety and depression have extended for more than 60% of the population. There are many external and internal factors for this cause. The harmful ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic rays, natural disasters or weather is half responsible for mental health while the other half is directly related to health. Wearing silver jewellery can reduce stress, anxiety and depression by inducing positive energies into our aura and keeping our mind calm to fight difficulties with ease. Apart from all these benefits of wearing silver jewellery, we must take into account that there are a group of people who are allergic to this metal and for them, the positive effects of silver might turn into negative effects but these cases are rare and can be easily identified. Stop wearing silver if you see your skin is having allergies or turning red in the particular area that is in contact with the silver. In that case, you should consult a doctor. Along with all the positive features, one problem that all silver owners face is that jewellery made with silver tarnishes with time especially when you don't wear it for a longer period or when you keep it inside a box for long. But this problem can easily be solved.

Wearing your jewellery frequently will reduce the chances of your metal tarnishing or turning black and dirty because the oils that are secreted from our skins are healthy for silver jewellery and prevents the ornaments from tarnishing. After all this detailed information we conclude that yes, silver jewellery is beneficial for the human race and silver is a metal that is different from every other metal as it has a positive impact on our health not only physically but also mentally. So go ahead, pick your favourite silver jewellery, wear them and gift them to your loved ones. Share the positivity as much as possible!

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