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How to Find the Right Ring Size for Your Personalized Initials Ring - Silveright

How to Find the Right Ring Size for Your Personalized Initials Ring

While personalized rings like the Kashaya initials ring are one of the most timeless and valuable gifting ideas for your loved ones, it is not the easiest to shop, especially when you're not aware of the correct ring size. You can always gift your loved ones personalized initial name necklaces without worrying about the size. However, if you are looking to gift them an initials ring, you ought to know the correct size. Otherwise, the hassle of resizing it later can get frustrating. In this quick guide, we will help you find out the accurate ring size of your loved ones and refer to it while purchasing personalized initials rings in both online and offline stores. Let's get started.


The Paper, String, and Ruler Method

Here you need to get a strip of paper or string and wrap it around the base of their finger. After wrapping it around, mark the point where the ends meet on the string or the paper. It is mostly recommended to choose a paper instead of a string to keep the marking more prominent.

Next, using a millimeter scale, measure the paper or the string by keeping it straight. Ensure that it is not held loose in any area.

Now, refer to a ring size chart from the store to determine the closest measurements. After finding the measurements, you can settle with the right ringside.


Refer To an Existing Ring

Another easy way to determine the size of their finger is to refer to their existing rings. If any ring fits them perfectly, you can use it as a guide. Even though it is not the most convenient to ask for existing rings to get their ring size, especially when it is a grand surprise, this is one of the full-proof methods to ensure you end up only with the right size of the ring.


You can either take the ring directly to the store and determine the size or do it yourself at home. Here's how:

Hold the ring against a ruler and take note of the measurements of the inner diameter of the ring. Next, refer to any ring sizing guide to find the matching diameter and choose accordingly.


Get The Best Personalized Initials Ring for Your Loved Ones

The first method is the one if you are choosing an initial ring for your engagement or a surprise gift. However, if your loved one's area is already aware of the gift, you can take the safer approach and refer to their existing rings. Now that you know the procedure of determining the ring size of your loved ones, what are you waiting for? The next step is to look for the best jewelry stores that offer good quality and long-lasting personalized initials rings like Silveright and place the order. Thus, choose the best initial ring style from the vast collection of Silveright today and surprise your loved ones this gifting season!