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Trendy Pendants

Silveright's Trendiest Sterling Silver Pendants Can Make You Look Tunning

The word pendant comes from the French word ‘pendr’ meaning “to hang down.” Pendants have been worn as accessories from ancient times and hold symbolic importance. They are generally suspended from other pieces of jewelry like necklaces, chains, bracelets, and anklets.  They are often associated with wealth, elegance, status, and a sense of fashion.


The Various Types of Pendants Through Time Are:

  • Amulet: The oldest form of prehistoric jewelry, these pendants are worn on arms, legs, or neck. They were usually associated with spiritual beliefs and religious practices and were said to provide good luck to their owners.
  • Talisman: These pendants were believed to possess spiritual powers and were said to transfer those powers upon their owners and to protect them from all evils.
  • Locket: They are small in size and can be opened to reveal a small compartment inside that can hold something valuable to the owner, such as a picture or a lock of hair. Lockets were given as betrothal presents and very personal gifts as a means of showing affection to someone special.
  • Medallion: They are given out as awards and honorary purposes and are generally pinned on clothes.
  • Functional Pendants: They are worn around the neck for easy functionality. The pendants are generally whistles, compasses, flash drives, etc.
  • Fashion Pendants:They are small, unique, and trendy pendants made from precious or non-precious stones hung from a chain. They are generally worn as fashion pieces.


Evolution Of Pendants:

  • During the neolithic age, pendants were made of shells, teeth, bones, and beads attached to a string that was worn around the neck.
  • During the renaissance, pendants became a fashion statement worn by women of aristocratic families. The tending pendants from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries were pendants set in gemstones and necklaces with heavy gold chains. This was an unabashed display of status and fortune.
  • In European and American cultures pendants became very trendy. They were elaborate and worn with low neckline dresses. They were worn by both men and women as status symbols.
  • From the eighteenth century to the twentieth-century women wore necklaces which were often accompanied by brooches, earrings, and pendants. Necklaces paired with a low-hanging pendant were worn in the day with high neckline dresses.
  • As pendants symbolized wealth, glamour, and status, they were generally made with very expensive materials such as gold, diamonds, and pearls. Diamonds were the most expensive and could only be afforded by the ultra-rich. Pearl necklaces originated in the classical period with the Romans and saw their revival in the neoclassical period. It was said that Queen Elizabeth I was very fond of pearl necklaces.
  • In the late twentieth century, a wave of imitation jewelry took over the jewelry market. Synthetic diamonds and cultured pearls were available to all sections of society.
  • It is interesting to note that pendants were worn by both men and women until the eighteenth century after which most women were seen wearing them. But still, we see men wearing them, like priests who wear crosses around their necks or pop culture icons who wear gold chains.


The Trendiest Fashion Pendants Currently Are:

  • Crystal Pendants: These pendants are slightly different from your regular ones. They are not as dainty but more gorgeous. The crystal work on a metal base gives them an elegant look that serves perfectly for dinner dates and parties.
  • Religious Pendants: Religious pendants are a perfect blend of modern and traditional. They are made for all religions according to customizations. The designs range from simple to elaborate with a small stone in the center to an overall stone decoration. They are suitable for all occasions. The most common ones are Christian crosses, Hindu om, the Jewish star of David, and the Islamic Hamsa.
  • Star And Teardrop Pendants:These trendy pendants are simplistic and minimal. The star pendant is one of the most popular varieties of pendants. Generally, set on silver plating with a stone at the center, it exudes sheer elegance. The teardrop pendant is simple but has a bling. There is usually a large stone at the center that makes it very unique and subliminal. They are good for both occasions and everyday usage.
  • Instrument Pendants: These pendants are perfect for music lovers. They are designed in the shape of various musical instruments. They make for good gifts for loved ones as they have a touch of personalization to them.
  • Handcrafted Pendants: These pendants are usually handmade and expensive. They are original and unique and have a touch of the traditional attached to them. They give an earthy and hipster look and go with both western and traditional outfits.
  • Designer Gold Pendants: They are one of a kind and generally attached to established brands. Purchasing gold should be done carefully and from reliable vendors. These pendants are the epitome of glamour and opulence and are perfect for weddings and parties.
  • Full Stone Pendant: These trendy pendants are set in silver, gold, or platinum with a large stone or several small ones at the center. They have a look of royalty and refinement.
  • Glass Pendants: These are handmade, trendy pendants that are generally customized. They come in beautiful floral patterns which are put inside glass containers. They are stylish and generally worn by the younger generation.
  • Personalized Pendants: Most jewelry brands have started focusing their products on customer personalization. These pendants feature names, initials, and zodiac signs and serve as wonderful gifts. They are personal and valuable.


Pendants From Silveright:

Silveright is an exclusive jewelry brand that excels in exquisite handcrafted pieces in silver. Their designs are unique, original, stylish and an effortless blend of the traditional and the modern. They aim to create a timeless experience for their customers through personalized, special pieces.


Why Silver?

  • Silver has a rich history in our country and has been for years for religious purposes, it has become a cherished household metal.
  • Oxidised jewelry has recently made a comeback.
  • Previously worn in rural and tribal areas as part of the indigenous cultures, trendy silver jewelry is now paired with both western and traditional clothes.
  • The best kind of silver to purchase is sterling silver which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% allow for other materials.
  • Silver jewelry is affordable, versatile, and sturdy.
  • They are quality products that last a lifetime and are easy to maintain.
  • Silver pendants are trendy and go with all kinds of clothing.
  • Silver sets a good base for average gemstones and gives them a refined look.
  • There are many health benefits of wearing silver well. They keep our blood vessels elastic, ease muscle aches and prevent bone formation, and help us heal in general.


Essential Trendy Pendants for Upping Our Fashion Game:

  • Casual Pendants:These trendy pendants are perfect for elevating your everyday look. Adding a touch of sparkle to an everyday outfit. They come in sleek designs with subtle motifs of flowers, leaves, stars, etc. They can be made from metals, stones, enamel and are very charming.
  • Business Pendants:These pendants are trendy and subtle and add a little spark to a professional outfit. They are hidden in plain sight but still add a certain appeal to the outfit. They are typically very small designs, available sets of pendants and earrings, and have soft, neutral colours apt for a workplace.
  • Gemstone Pendants: These trendy pendants can range from very subtle to very radiant. They are vibrant and can dazzle any outfit at one. Gemstones often hold very personally, spiritual meaning for the owners. They can also be given as gifts as symbols of love and loyalty.
  • Pearl Pendants: They are trendy and class apart. Giving the classy breakfast at tiffany’s look, they can give any outfit a touch of elegance and sophistication. They are appropriate for all occasions, formal or informal and the pure, milky white only adds to the charm.
  • Statement Pendants: These pendants are trendy. They depend on customizations by the buyer. They bring out a piece of the customer’s personality and make them stand out. They can range from minimal to flashy based on the customer’s taste.
  • Enamel Pendants:They are an ancient form of jewelry but are also worn as modern accessories. They are available in beautiful, rich colours and have a soothing effect on the eyes. They are appropriate for all occasions and can last for many years.
  • Heart Pendants: They are small and personal and a symbol of love and affection. They make for good gifts for birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones.


“As Coco Chanel once said, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” So, girt yourself these exquisite pendants and update your wardrobe now. Imbibe these styles and be your most stylish self.”