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Jewellery Blog / Guide to Buying Birthstone Jewelry

Complete Guide to buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your loved once

Complete Guide to Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Birthstone jewelry holds a special and spiritual value to the one receiving them. A birthstone is a modern term for the traditional gems that were introduced years ago. Birthstones or earlier known as gemstones are the different coloured crystalized or earthen stones that react with the natural elements and help in your overall prosperity including health, wealth, and mindset.

Silver, a metal that can fuse with any other metal and alloy perfectly, is generally chosen for support behind the birthstones because silver does not react with the birthstones and does not decrease the chances for the birthstone to not work. Silver also comes in various shapes, sizes, and design options so you have a vast section of customizable choices to make your birthstone jewelry look stylish.


How To Choose the Perfect Birthstone for Your Loved One?

Well for that you have to know the birth month and accordingly, you can choose the birthstones.

These are the different stones preferred according to the birth months:

  1. January - Garnet

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

People born in January are likely to have a deficit of stable motivation and calmness. Garnet is a red-coloured crystalline stone and the red colour signifies blood or physical proximity so garnet is suggested for the ones who want to have good health, focus on the hard work to bring in success, and just eliminate the sorrows. It is believed that in earlier times, the higher authorities like the kings and the emperors were given to wear a garnet for their goodwill and prosperity. A popular saying goes like "if you stay healthy you can be wealthy" this applies to this particular stone. Wearing the stone will release positive energies that will help you to cope with your physical problems and put you in a stable position to work behind your dreams and achieve everything you want.


  1. February - Amethyst

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Amethysts are usually purple-coloured crystalized stones that have a royal value and are often priced as high as diamonds. People born in February are likely to be short-tempered and fast decision-makers which often leads them into darkness and problems. Amethyst helps in recovering from these issues by providing mental stability, calmness of the mind, and relaxing the body from the rushing hormones. Amethyst is proved to have helped in balancing the hormonal changes in the body resulting in a strong immune system and preventing physical aches and pains. These birthstones are not only gorgeous but have a great positive effect on the person wearing them.


  1. March - Aquamarine

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

As the name suggests, these stones were believed to be the treasures of the sea and were earlier used by sailors and mariners with the belief that they have a safe sail and also that the sea stays calm and easy for them to control their ships. People born in the march are likely to have several minute physical problems that affect their both mental and physical state resulting in a depreciated growth. These stones are proven to cure physical changes such as migraine, sinus issues, problems with the teeth and eyes, and also respiratory diseases and the problems associated with it. These stones are light blue and release an effect of calmness and meditation on the person's life.


  1. April - Diamond

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

We all are acquainted with this particular stone in some way or the other. Diamonds are super classy in appearance and their work. Diamond is one of the hardest metals that can cut glasses. Diamonds are believed to reduce confusion and settle mental peace thus bringing positive, clear, and definite results. Diamonds are believed to strengthen brain functions and take care of the functioning organs. Ancient royals believed diamonds as a symbol of purity and belief.


  1. May - Emerald

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Emeralds originated from Egypt and came in an attractive green colour. These stones are believed to possess spiritual powers that can turn the impossible into a possible one in the last moment. This stone stands on the strengths of peace, harmony, security, and positivity. Not only the beliefs but it is also proven that this stone has a high reactive capacity that cures stomach problems and the problems related to the internal organs inside the stomach. The mystical royal of Egypt- Cleopatra was seen to have worn this stone to protect herself from foreign aggressions.


  1. June - Pearl

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Pearls originate from under the sea and are produced by living organisms known as shells. These take years to form and are often in high demand because of their positive effects and values. Pearl usually comes in a variety of colours but the most common is the white coloured ones. White symbolizes the sign of peace and purity so is the pearl. Pearls are believed to induce a sense of calmness and purity. This helps in stabilizing and balancing the decisions taken. Pearl helps in treating physical problems like insomnia or inability to sleep by stabilizing the body's hormones and preparing the body for a calm stage.


  1. July - Ruby

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

This earth element is rich in chromium and because of that, the stone comes with a bright red colour also known as the colour of the blood. Rubies are seen to glow from within because of the chromium particles. This stone is believed to bring all-around success whether it be health, wealth, love, or balance. Rubies are proven to take care of the heart and respiratory organs. This stone is suggested for everyone born in July because this brings the courage to fight the difficulties and to believe in the whole process.

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  1. August - Peridot

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Originated from a Greek term, peridot means plenty. Depending on the iron content, this stone usually comes in a light green colour. Earlier civilizations believed this stone to heal a massive psychological trauma and to take care of the digestive system. Peridots take care of the psychological effects that need clarification and stability. These stone powers a person to control his thoughts and to make the right decisions. This stone is spirituality believed to promote a sense of responsibility and belief to receive positive approaches and good fortune.


  1. September - Sapphire

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Also known as the bluestone, sapphires are believed to have great importance and high powers that change a person as a whole. It stabilizes the mind, chaos, and psychological disorders not only brings a sense of honesty and responsibility to bring up a positive impact. Sapphires also heal health problems and control the hormones that restrict a person from having a balanced lifestyle. Traditional beliefs say that these stones are given by the almighty and have a big spiritual impact.


  1. October - Pink Tourmaline

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

Both these stones come in multiple colours each different from one another. These stones are believed to fight the negative energies and the negativities that surround us. It induces a sense of courage and peace to stay strong and fight during the flights. Spiritually, these stones help as an ailment to stabilize the metabolism and the intestines. Not only the stomach but helps in balancing the hormonal rush and level of oxytocin released.


  1. November - Yellow Topaz

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

These stones are almost crystal coloured with a tint of light colours such as blue and pink. Topaz and Citrine take care of the brain and the conscious mind that takes the decision. It is believed that these stones save a person when in trouble by activating the intelligence hormones. Not only this but the stone possesses a healthier prolonged life and the beauty of a soul. Different from the previous stones, these stones take care of your nerves and veins to work properly so that blood circulation is maintained.


  1. December - Blue Zircon

Buy Perfect Birthstone Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Once

This stone comes in a sea-green crystal colour that helps in building up a strong personality and sense of mind to fight the negativities. Turquoise helps in stabilizing the mind from anxieties, panic attacks, and psychological chaos. Coming from ancient traditions and cultures, the stone is believed to have a strong impact on the minds. The reactions help in protecting a person from physical diseases as well as mental traumas. This stone is supposed to be a sacred one and is told to be used carefully and with respect only then the positive results will be visible.

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Many atheists say that they don't believe in all this spirituality but in reality, these stones have nothing to do with God or the supreme power. It is scientifically proven that these stones have a big effect on you if you wear them correctly. Birthstones are guessed by the birth months. Each month has a different definite stone and according to the month you are born, you can wear them for your prosperity and growth. These therapeutic stones release positive energy that helps you to stay calm and build yourself. You will find that these stones are worn as jewelry like a ring, bracelet, necklace, or just a plain chain. The supporting chain or the ring in which the stone is set is often found to be made up of silver. Silver jewelry has been in the limelight more than gold because of its vast section of design options to choose from, malleability, affordability, and lastly a neutral and shiny appearance that goes well with almost everything we wear.

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