Zodiac Star Sign Jewelry

The New Trend in Silver Jewelry 2021 - Zodiac Star Sign Necklaces

21st century fashion trends are all about making statements. Right from bold colored shoes to the hip and trendy styles of jewelry, everything has a meaning behind in. there was a trend that started around the year 2016 where every girl and woman around was buying oxidized silver or gold jewelry. Just like that trend, which is still going on, another trend has emerged alongside it. A piece of jewelry that, has a personal touch and meaning to it. And that is, a Zodiac Star Sign Necklace.

What are Zodiac Star Signs?

Zodiac Star Sign Silver jewelry
  •  A person’s Zodiac star sign is determined according to the date and the month of their birth. People have been wearing jewelry that represents their star signs for ages. Wearing a ring that has their birthstone embedded in it, or a necklace with a pendant of their birth stone. Wearing a piece of jewelry that has a connection to your Zodiac star sign, has been a part of the dressing style of a lot of astronomy followers. It is recently, that wearing the symbol of your zodiac star sign has started becoming popular and something that almost everyone around us is obsessed with.
  •  Zodiac signs are a part of the study of astrology. They vary according to the time of the year that a person was born in. According to astrological studies, every zodiac sign depicts a behavioral pattern and other personality traits. Some of the signs are thus also deemed either completely compatible or are the absolute opposites. Many cultures believe in this part of the astrological field, when a marriage between two people is concerned. They try to see if the traits of the said people match or if they are compatible, to know whether or not their companionship is going to last. Ancient Greeks studied and came up with the zodiac signs and their traits which are different for each of them. This system carried on for the next few millennia and here we are in the 21st century, trending necklaces of these mapped out star constellations which have been around before even the Big Bang.

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How did Zodiac signs become popular with the new generation?

Zodiac signs have been around since the beginning of time. Thus, this trend is most likely to continue to be popular for longer. Zodiacs and astrology has cemented itself as the zeitgeist of this socially connected and growing world. With the regular memes and astrological posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. people know about zodiac signs and star signs, right from the time they access the internet. The companies who create these, approach people with a big following on social media, to wear and publicize these necklaces. With the way these necklaces are made, to be attractive and flashy, they catch the eye of anyone who is just scrolling through and not looking to shop for them. These necklaces are becoming a trend fast and are becoming extremely popular with the current generation, who are being given the sense of individuality and uniqueness, by the generation before them. These necklaces are being seen everywhere in the world, right now. On social media, as well as in real life. They literally go with any outfit that you decide to wear. Right from a top and a pair of jeans, to a kurti. If you are looking to add that extra touch of you, these necklaces are the go to option.

Zodiac symbols and representations

Zodiac Star Sign Silver jewelry
  • Most of the star signs that the ecliptic passes through, represent animals. The ancient Greeks called it “the circle of animals”. For example, the star sign of Leo, is represented by a lion, where as the star sign of Taurus is represented by a bull. This is another design of a star sign necklace where the animal symbol is stamped on the silver plate which is then embedded in the necklace.  Zodiac constellations, symbols, stones are just some of the designs which are made into beautiful pieces of jewelry, like a necklace. These necklaces are sometimes star stamps, that are the star constellation stamped on a round silver plate. Or, they are the actual connected star constellation of your zodiac sign, with each star represented by a crystal or a diamond. This sense of individuality that these necklaces can bring a person, are like no other. It is said that zodiac signs say a lot about a person’s behavioral traits and personality. A lot of times, the horoscope predictions are spot on. Which has made a lot of people fond and obsessed with the whole concept of zodiac signs and their symbols.  People identify with their sign and have a personal connection with anything that depicts that. Wearing a necklace like that, is like having a part of yourself, close to your heart.

Online shopping for zodiac star sign necklaces

Star sign necklaces like those that represent the star constellations and the symbol for the zodiac sign are the most popular types in the market right now. Necklaces hang down from your neck and are the pieces of jewelry that come the closest to your heart. Your zodiac star sign, that you identify with, is the best one to have so close to your heart. You can look them up and find the best zodiac star sign jewelry with just a few clicks on the internet. They make really good gifts too. If you know someone who loves the designs of zodiac constellations, or who really believe in the astrology behind it, or even someone who just thinks it’s something pretty and beautiful to look at, are the best people to gift these necklaces to.  These necklaces are really pretty to look at, and look so delicate that they bring a beautiful glow to the outfits you have paired them with. Jewelries that are made out of pure silver go extremely well with the beautiful and creative designs of these necklaces. They are becoming a really important part of the ever changing world of fashion. It’s rare to find something you wear, to also be something you can identify with.


Zodiac Star Sign Silver Jewelry


The millennial and the gen Z generation, are the most woke generations of this time. Being able to even identify the societal and political pressures that people are under, is something only these two generations have been successful at. The sense of Individuality and having an identity of your own is a necessity of every human being. The peer pressure, expectations of those around you and the race of status and money, has left people with a lost sense of who they really are and whether or not their job or their surroundings, are making them happy. In such a time and age, being able to identify with something so personal like a zodiac star sign, is something that has become something so necessary and crucial in the path to happiness. It is easy to underestimate the emotional and sentimental value of something as small as a necklace can have in a person’s life. But these small and sentimentally important things are what help a normal person be happy, because it reminds them of who they really are.

These silver zodiac star sign necklaces are quickly becoming a favorite piece and a must have piece of jewelry to anyone and everyone who is a fanatic. They are beautiful addition to you already beautiful self.