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The Top 10 Reasons Why Silver Jewelry Is More Cool Than Gold - Silveright

The Top 10 Reasons Why Silver Jewelry Is More Cool Than Gold

Silver jewelry, a trend to wear jewelry made of silver was introduced way earlier but in recent times, silver jewelry has been in the limelight more than gold because of its vast section of design options to choose from, malleability, affordability, and lastly a neutral and shiny appearance that goes well with almost everything we wear. Silver, a metal that can fuse with any other metal and alloy perfectly.  Silver is not only demanded in the jewelry industry but the metal has gained popularity through utensils, medicines, clothes, and even furniture. Silver is demanded more than gold in recent times because of the change in styles where people are preferring to wear ethnic, bold, and offbeat tribal jewelry which can be best designed only with silver.


Three types of silver are used in the jewelry industry namely:

  • Nickel silver
  • Sterling silver and
  • Argentium sterling silver


The 925 sterling silver jewelry is the recent trend that is demanded by the population mainly because of its:

  • Affordability
  • Very low maintenance
  • Cost-effective and
  • Found in a wide range of designs


These are the 10 reasons why silver is chosen over gold:

  1. Affordability

  • Gold is a metal that is rarely found and a huge amount of cost is laboured to make gold jewelry which makes it an expensive one but on the other hand silver is easily found and is a much classy looking metal that goes well with almost everything.
  • Unlike gold, silver need not be preserved carefully in lockers, it adds a difference to your everyday looks.
  • Because of the flexibility and malleability of silver, it can be shaped and designed easily in enormous ways.
  • Designing silver is not so labour-intensive and requires minimal making charges. Because of these above factors, silver is affordable and is budget-friendly as compared to gold.


  1. Maintenance

  • Pure silver is much lighter than gold which allows the audience to wear them for hours and carry it out gracefully.
  • Silver is highly durable and much stronger than gold. This means that silver jewelry can be worn for a longer period without the fear of breaking or changing in shape, size, and colour.
  • It is uncomfortable to wear gold for longer hours because gold often reacts with the skin and might just lose its shine and polish.
  • Silver retains its state and texture even after we wear them for longer hours. Thus, requires almost no maintenance to hold back its shine and design.


  1. Versatility

  • Silver looks good not only with clothing but the astrological stones that many of us believe in, which is well suited with silver.
  • We often end up judging our skin type and colour while wearing gold but silver always portrays the bold and attractive side of a person.
  • Gold can be selectively worn but silver suits well not only for daily looks but also for heavy occasions.
  • Fused gold is a waste of money but silver can be introduced along with gold and other metals to fuse and form a third metal. This adds a dual look vintage to your profile.


  1. Combinations

Silver can be easily combined with other gemstones like ruby, emerald, amethyst, etc because of its neutral and attractive appearance. Other semi-precious stones and pearls are also suitable for silver. Because of its colour and the ability to be beaten in shapes and sizes, silver is best preferred for combinations with any other superior metal or gems and stones. Not only this but silver can be designed into Kundan, Polki, or Jhumkas, the section that is most famous in gold but now silver makes it more attractive and durable.


  1. Safety

Unlike gold, silver can be easily kept in normal cases and can be worn on an everyday basis. This is possible because silver is widely found and is much cheaper compared to gold. We usually keep our gold safely in lockers or highly secured places and wear it occasionally but with constant fear. Whereas wearing silver shows our bold side and the capability to carry ourselves fluently.


  1. Fashion

Gold is limited to a particular design and combination but silver covers a vast section of designs, styles, and statements. In recent times, the trend to wear antique, traditional, contemporary jewelry is in demand and silver is the best metal in fulfilling those because no gold design cannot be replicated in silver. Silver has its charm and uniqueness that suits almost everybody. The neutral and uncommon look makes it compatible with everything you wear.


  1. Designs

Gold contains a good section of designs but is not as huge as that silver. No matter how much precision is applied, not every design is suitable on gold and there is a fewer option for customisation, on the other hand, silver jewelry covers a wide range of designs that not only replicates the gold but includes precision and minute details with the option to customise which is almost absent in gold.


  1. Health Benefits

We have often heard from our elders that after a baby is born, he/she is fed in a silver bowl with a silver spoon. This must have a scientific explanation. Well, silver has properties that have healing powers and that improve immunity not only physically but also of the mind. That's why not only with jewelry but silver is fused with clothing, utensils, water, jewelry, and also medicines. There are medicinal properties for which silver is a widely used metal for ages. All these elements are completely missing in the case of gold.


  1. Trends

With the enormous option and malleability of silver, it is possible to keep up with modern trends and unique designs. Gold does not favour all the designs that a customer demands but in the case of silver, you get more than what you demand. Recent upcoming trends or traditional designs, silver has got it all covered.


  1. Endless Options

Lastly, silver is a soft metal that can be easily moulded in any design or shape within no time. There is no wastage of time for verification or security like gold. Starting from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings and so many other ornamental terms that are rare and unique can be found in the silver section. Not only the types but there are more than a million designs each unique and different from one another. With small details and customisation opportunities, silver is leading the fashion industry.


However, along with all these positive features, one problem that all silver owners face is that jewelry made with silver tarnishes with time especially when you don't wear it for a longer period or when you keep it inside a box for long. But this problem can easily be solved. Wearing your jewelry frequently will reduce the chances of your metal tarnishing or turning black and dirty because the oils that are secreted from our skins are healthy for silver jewelry and prevents the ornaments from tarnishing.