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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India

Sterling silver is the trending hype in the world right now. With jewelry trends changing every day, sterling silver is the most sought-after option in 2022. Made with the finest elements, sterling silver is the best investment you can make for your jewelry collection and the future as it is as valuable as your traditional metals like pure silver and gold. However, not all have the best jewelers in the locality that offer personalized sterling silver jewelry. Going online is the best way to get your loved ones and yourself a good Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry! However, you really need to have a sharp eye to spot the best quality sterling silver jewelry online. No worries, as we got your back. Irrespective of whether you are starting from scratch or not, we will help you gain all the knowledge you will need to spot the best pieces of Personalized Sterling Silver Jewelry Online and add them to your collection! Let's get going!

Why should you buy personalized sterling silver jewelry?

Before we check out the tips and the process of purchasing Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online, let's quickly go through the advantages of choosing sterling silver jewelry over other metals:

  • Hypoallergenic: Often, many people tend to get skin irritation due to the usage of certain metals such as nickel, etc. Such metals may even cause permanent skin conditions. Sterling silver is absolutely hypoallergenic. This is one of the best and the most famous reasons why sterling silver is such a good option in jewelry choices. 
  • Durable: Sterling silver is indeed one of the most durable metals out there. Even though the metal is highly precious, it is way too durable and is a perfect choice for everyday rough usage. You need not worry about your jewelry losing its shape as being such a durable metal. Sterling silver will stay as intact as new as Day 1!
  • Valuable: Being such as precious metal, sterling silver has a great value, unlike costume jewelry made of brass or other elements. It has an inherent value due to the metal content. It is a commodity that is always valuable. You can find the latest rates of sterling silver on different websites such as JM Bullion and others. 
  • Cost-effective: Sterling silver is relatively less expensive than gold or platinum. This is why it is a favored choice for most people. Not only is it light on your budget, but it is also great at value and will increase with time. 

How do you know that the Sterling Silver jewelry is genuine? 

When purchasing online, plenty of stores sell fake sterling silver jewelry at high prices. Don't fall for that scam. Be smart and look for the common sterling silver hallmarks.

Understanding the sterling silver hallmarks is essential to know the value of your personalized jewelry. There are different ways to mark the authenticity of sterling silver jewelry. These are a few things you can find engraved on the body of the jewelry or in the box which the jewelry came with:

  1. "Sterling"
  2. "Sterling Silver"
  3. "925"
  4. "92.5% pure"
  5. "925/1000"

Whenever you check out the designs on a website, look for these quotes on the website or the jewelry piece. You can also ask the vendor to share a document stating that the items in their store are certified as original sterling silver jewelry. This will help you differentiate between real and fake sterling silver jewelry.

Tips for choosing the best Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India

Now that we know the importance of sterling silver jewelry and the right way to differentiate between original and fake sterling silver jewelry, here are a few tips that will rule out any potential chances of getting bad jewelry. These tips cater to helping you choose the best Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India.

Inspect the price of the sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver is an exceptionally valuable and precious metal, and this will reflect in the final price of the product. A great way to judge authenticity is to simply compare the prices.

For starters, check out the current market price for sterling silver, and this will give you a rough estimate of the baseline and the ongoing rates of sterling silver. 

Considering these rates, your jewelry pieces may be somewhere around it.

If you find jewelry sites listing their items at a shockingly low rate, it's a red flag you should stay away from! Such items may not be made of pure sterling silver or maybe an amalgamation of multiple cheap metals. 

To purchase authentic sterling silver jewelry at affordable rates, you can check out the Silveright, as we always have sales and discounts going on our website!

Lastly, look out for the exchange and refund options. It is always safer to purchase from brands that offer a full refund or replacement for the purchase if required.

Convey your vision well

If you want personalization in your sterling silver jewelry, you need to communicate with the jeweler. Talking to any company representative will allow you to convey the vision of the design, the price, hallmarks, silver sourcing, and other aspects. 

When you convey your requirements well with them, you can also judge the brand's authenticity by their professionalism as they are typically representing the brand and interacting with their customers. 

Look for hallmarks

As discussed above, you can distinguish between real and fake sterling silver jewelry via the hallmarks. These hallmarks will either be located at a discrete area in your jewelry or in the box it came with. You may even need a magnifying glass and strong lighting to spot it and check its authenticity. This will help you only choose authentic sterling silver and nothing less. 

Perform physical tests

Another great way to ensure that you have got the best sterling silver jewelry is to perform minor physical tests. Simply locate a magnet and check if the silver piece is magnetic. If the sterling silver jewelry latches onto the magnet, it is likely to be nickel or other metal. Sterling silver is not magnetic. Thus, it will not be attracted to the magnet. 

Use only powerful magnets to test this out, as household magnets may not be ideally strong to test the magnetism of the jewelry.

The next test is a sound test. Simply tap your jewelry piece with a metal tool or object. This will hear a high-pitched ring and vibration that will last a few seconds. If you witness dull or deep rings, it may indicate copper or steel alloy.

Be cautious with the reviews

There are tons of marketplaces selling sterling silver jewelry online. You need to decide the right shop by checking out the previous reviews and testimonials. If the website has good reviews from previous clients, you can be assured of the quality. 

Also, check out the refund or exchange policies before your purchase from their brand. In case of any tamper, you can always get a full refund for the store if the brand permits.

Purchase the best Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India from Silveright

Now that's a wrap to our guide to purchasing Personalize Sterling Silver Jewelry Online India. If you are currently looking for some good options to purchase personalized sterling silver jewelry, visit the website of Silveright and rest assured, you will exit their website with the best personalized sterling silver jewelry for your loved ones! So, what are you waiting for? Start with your inspection and finalize the purchase today!