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Designer Silver Earing

Top 10 Designer Silver Earrings You Must Include in Your Jewelry Collection

Earring is the jewelry that completes a person. Whether it be a grand occasion or in your daily routine, earrings highlight not only your face but your inner beauty. We always choose and check minute details on our earrings before buying them.

A trend to wear jewelry made of silver was introduced way earlier but in recent times, silver jewelry has been in the limelight more than gold because of its vast section of design options to choose from, malleability, affordability, and lastly a neutral and shiny appearance that goes well with almost everything we wear. Silver, a metal that can fuse with any other metal and alloy perfectly. Silver is demanded more than gold in recent times because of the change in styles where people are preferring to wear ethnic, bold, and offbeat tribal jewelry which can be best designed only with silver.


The 925 sterling silver jewelry is the recent trend that is demanded by the population mainly because of its:

  • Affordability
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective And
  • Found In a Wide Range of Designs.


Here Are the Top 10 Designer Silver Earrings You Should Own:

  1. Jhumkas:

Every girl is acquainted with this term and we all love Jhumkas. These dangling earrings with an Indo western look blend perfectly with traditional or eastern attires. Silver Jhumkas are a favourite neutral choice because every silver jhumka is unique and beautifully designed and matches with any kurtas or sarees. Jhumkas are always in fashion and a priority of the majority of women. No matter if you have any other ornaments to wear or not but Jhumkas complete your entire look.


  1. Bahubali Earrings:

These originated from south India and that's why the name Bahubali is the name of a powerful emperor from the south. These earrings are inspired by the culture and traditions of south India, especially the south Indian traditional weddings. These earrings have delicate silver chains and are often accompanied by ear cuffs or mild Jhumkas. These look gorgeous when you wear them with any eastern attire such as lehengas, sarees, Kurtis, and so on. Bahubali earrings add a grand look if you wear them at your wedding.


  1. Bohemian Designed Silver Earrings:

Bohemian jewelry is themed with the elements of nature encircling the earth, sun, moon, leaves, water, and so on. Bohemian-designed silver earrings give a perfectly soothing and relaxing feel when you wear them. Designer dresses with bohemian earrings are a combination you can't move your eyes away from. These earrings come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes studded with small stones and gems.


  1. Chandelier Silver Earrings:

These bold earrings are usually worn with western dresses especially when you have a short get-together at the end of the day. These earrings are not too long or hanging, rather a ring-like structure with simple smooth designs. For someone who doesn't apply make-up or wear simple clothes, these chandelier earrings are a perfect combo with your dress and your personality.


  1. Silver Ear Cuffs:

Silver ear cuffs are the recent trending jewelry that is worn uniquely. You don't require a piercing for your ear cuffs. These ear cuffs are attached to your ear cartilage and are tightly pressed. They look gorgeous and intimidating no matter what you wear. Ear cuffs are a great choice for eastern as well as western looks.


  1. Danglers:

As the name suggests, danglers are usually longer than the other earrings hanging directly from your piercing. Danglers usually have a small point pivoted at your piercing and a long dangling chain or design handing a long way. These danglers add extra glam to your face. Whether it be parties or eastern ceremonies, danglers seek everybody's attention.


  1. Tassel Earrings:

These are also new trending jewelry that is super cute and beautiful at the same time. These silver earrings have a coloured tassel or a silver one hanging beautifully from your ear lobes. Whether you wear jeans or sarees, these tasselled earrings are a neutral match to all your clothes. You can match the colour of tassels with the colour of your clothes and flaunt your beauty gracefully.


  1. Oversized Studs:

These silver oversized studs are famous for their simplicity. You can mix and combine the studs with other ornaments or just wear them individually. The versatility of these bigger studs goes well with bright-styled attires whether it be eastern or western. But oversized studs with Kurtis or sarees are a deadly combination.


  1. Hoop Earrings:

Usually known as hoop Bali earrings were invented ages ago but this traditional style is back in fashion. These earrings are super comfortable for their lightweight yet bigger size. These simple silver hoop earrings can alone emphasize your beauty and vibes. Wear these with an Indo western look or an eastern look, they blend perfectly with your attitude and are highly suggested for the ones who choose comfort over style.


  1. Tribal Silver Earrings:

These earrings never go out of fashion. These are usually handmade in the interior parts of India. The silver pieces are crafted beautifully with tight strings. They come in multi colours to match your preferences. Tribal earrings are a perfect choice for Indian occasions and ceremonies where you want to flaunt your style statements. These earrings are super cheap but showcase how artistic the craftsmanship is.



These silver earrings not only enhance the beauty but portrays the person's character and soul wearing it. Earrings do bring a bigger change in your appearance but nothing can change the elegance you have and the way you carry yourself. These silver earrings are more versatile, affordable yet stylish than most of the other metals present in the market. Choose your favourite silver earring and flaunt how beautiful you are!