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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry That You Probably Didn't Know - Silveright

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry That You Probably Didn't Know

Simplifying The “Sterling” Story

Coined from the old French term “Estelline”, the association of the term “sterling” to a type of silver completely justifies its literal meaning. Numerous anecdotes and random conjectures link the origin of “sterling silver” to four birds carved on pennies issued during the reign of Edward I. The enormous popularity of sterling silver has made it one of the most sought-after jewelry types in the past few years. Plated with a pencil-thin layer of silver, this glitzy form of jewelry has got a brilliant finish, making it quite attractive and conspicuous. Owing to its durability, sterling silver has shot to popularity. Women of the current generation choose to wear the choicest of jewelry to be the cynosure of all eyes and seem like the rise of “sterling silver” has amped up the demand for silver jewelry to a whole new level. Any and every kind of intricate design can be carved out with this type of silver and that makes it one of the most enviable pieces in any woman’s closet! With an increasing demand for trendy and budget-friendly jewelry, its needless to say that sterling silver has successfully managed to fit into the pockets of a wide range of jewelry lovers. Undeterred by all the competition in the market, sterling silver has traced down a dramatic journey up until now!

As the interests of the people keep evolving, the demand for light-weight and inexpensive jewelry encourages jewelry brands to experiment with diverse kinds of alloys that can endure harsh conditions, thus satisfying the needs of generation x!!. now that the fancy for sterling silver has been rising manifolds, let’s quickly uncover some very obscure facts about this brilliant addition to the “world of jewelry”.


  • A Cut Above the Rest:

You got it right!!!. This is the “category” of jewelry that’s here to stay for eternity. Every jewelry lover would wish for a piece of jewelry that’s sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting, all rolled into one. Seems like, sterling silver is a reservoir of all these elements!. Any amount of wear and tear cannot take the best out of this kind of jewelry. A little bit of touch-up from time to time will keep your jewelry looking brand new. Isn’t that just amazing?


  • Can Be Tailored as You Wish:

Now, that’s another fact about sterling silver that is sure to cast an instant impression on all kinds of jewelry maniacs. Sterling silver is one of those few variants of jewelry that can be custom-made according to the preferences of the customers. Several intricate designs can be structured with sterling silver and each tailor-made piece is a total contrast to the other in terms of design and purpose. Impeccable designs with the slightest of effort do make it the most desirable jewelry type.


Facts About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry That You Probably Didn't Know


  • Surprisingly Affordable:

Imagine losing or misplacing a piece of jewelry that cost you an arm a leg!!. The heartache would be unbearable. But if the lost piece is sterling silver jewelry, hang on! You didn’t have to part with your fortune. Yes!. It is inexpensive and under your budget.


Facts About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry That You Probably Didn't Know


  • Low-Maintenance:

Donning a sterling silver piece is the best option if you are already vexed with the frequent maintenance required for the other items in your closet. With easy storage facilitating both the sellers and the customers, sterling silver has become a go-to option for big and small jewelry sellers.


  • An Absolute All-Rounder:

Sterling silver is coated with several other metals to give it a different and versatile look. Blended with creativity and variable shine, these jewelry pieces are sure to give you a wholesome feeling of flaunting dainty pieces with grace and elegance.


  • It’s An Alloy:

To many who do not know, sterling silver is an alloy, which means it isn’t pure silver. The percentage of silver in it is 92.5% while the other 7.5% is another metal or say a combination of metals. The most widely used metal in the preparation of sterling silver is copper.


  • Is Hallmarked for Its Authenticity:

Every piece of sterling silver jewelry has a mark engraved on the inside pieces. The engraving of .925 is a mark of sterling silver’s authenticity. The association of the engraving traces its origin/country where it was manufactured. The numbers engraved on the jewelry pieces show the purity of the silver. The engravings are often called essayer’s marks.


  • Much Stronger Than Its Mother:

Yes! Sterling silver jewelry is far stronger and more durable than its mother substance, pure silver. This is the reason why sterling silver doesn’t easily get tarnished or damaged by simple wear and tear. So that again makes it a material of frequent use. Owing to its mixed nature, the wear and tear capacity of the alloy is impressive. Thus, sterling silver can be cast into umpteen shapes according to the purpose.


  • Variable Values:

It’s must be a known fact by now that “sterling silver” definitely isn’t one of those precious metals. Nevertheless, one can always expect a swing in prices according to the market trends. Mostly, the prices oscillate between high and low, depending on the price of pure silver, silver is the major portion in the alloy. So, it’s wise to check the silver trends in the market before you head out to purchase sterling silver.


  • Is Allergic to Chemicals:

It’s necessary to keep moisture and toxic chemicals at bay while storing sterling silver. Adequate precautions have to be taken while cleaning the jewelry to avoid contact with salt, bleaching chemicals, or chlorine. It’s advisable to keep sterling silver jewelry away from certain kinds of sprays, like perfumes or hair sprays, since the dazzling alloy is allergic to chemicals in these sprays. In addition to that, direct exposure to harsh sunlight can also affect the luster and shine of the alloy. Therefore, make sure you store it away from harsh chemicals and direct sunlight.


  • Reasons To Pick Sterling Silver:

It’s quite evident that sterling silver comes as a revolution in the world of jewelry. No doubt why its popularity has breached the stratosphere due to the varieties one gets to choose from, the affordability, and the instant “impression” it casts on the viewers when you wear them. Sterling silver is “every generation’s choice”.