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Top 4 Types of Personalized Initials Necklace You Should Try in 2022

Top 4 Variety of Personalized Initials Silver Necklace You Should Try This Year

A personalized initials necklace is a timeless staple you can never get bored of. Starting from a single initial pendant with a bold look or a layered one paired with your soulmate’s initials. There are multiple ways to style an initial necklace, and you can never run out of jewelry styling options with them. These beautiful, classic, and customizable jewelry options make some of the most beautiful presents you can give to your loved ones. However, unlike the traditional initial necklaces, there are different types of initial necklaces now that are trending in 2022, which you should try. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.


Square/Hexagon Shaped Initial Necklace

Hexagon or square-shaped initial necklaces are a great alternative to the standard ones. Not only does it look stunning on its own, but it also makes a great combination to layer or stacked with other necklaces. This is an excellent shimmering initial necklace choice that suits every gender and age group seamlessly.



Monogram Initial Necklaces

If your style is more towards subtle yet statement jewelry pieces, the initial monogram necklaces are your best shot. Since we are focusing on personalized necklaces, you can always choose between 1-3 letters to create your unique monogram initial necklace. An initial monogram necklace is mainly worn on its own. However, you can also pair it with a dainty gemstone necklace for a sophisticated look.



Engraved Initial Necklace

Another modern and elegant initial necklace type you should try in 2022 is the engraved initial necklace. Unlike the standard initial necklaces, the initials are typically engraved on a surface, preferably made of sterling silver. Such a piece of initial necklace can quickly gain a lot of compliments from your surroundings.



Tilted Initial Necklace

The initial necklace has a subtly quirky vibe while adding an extra chic element like the monogram initial necklace. It is simply a bigger and tilted version of the standard initial necklaces. If you are looking for a mix of both uniqueness and subtle, this is the right choice. This simple necklace can be worn alone and suits every outfit.



Which Personalized Initial Necklace Should You Try In 2022?

There are tons of different variants to initial necklaces. One of the most significant advantages of choosing personalized jewelry from reputed outlets like the Silveright is the guarantee of getting high-quality materials in the trendiest styles. Whether you are only getting your initials or pairing them with your partner’s initials, you can choose any personalized initial necklace from the ones mentioned above and enjoy the compliments pouring!