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Top 5 myths busted about customized and name jewelry 2022

Top 5 Myths Busted About Customized and Name Jewelry in This Year

Customized and name jewelry has been trending for more than a decade by now. There are so many stunning choices in personalized name jewelry, such as Aase silver personalized name necklace, Nellie silver couple name engrave ring, or calliope silver diamond birthstone personalized name bracelet. Like the designs evolve each day in customized name jewelry, so do its myths.

There are plenty of myths floating in the world right now that need to be busted, and we are on a strict mission to spread the right information about jewelry, especially customized or personalized name jewelry. We have listed some very common myths related to customized name jewelry in 2022. Let's bust each of them and learn the facts together.


Myth 1: You Need to Be a Jewelry Designer to Choose the Right Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry is no rocket science. You don't need to know a thing about jewelry designs when looking for good customized name jewelry.

All you need is a clear vision in your mind with a rough design or sketch(optional) to convey to your concerned jeweler, and they will create the best replica of your thoughts.

To simplify the process, you need to approach established jewelers like Silveright to create the best version of your thoughts. You simply convey the design you have in your mind, the metal of your choice, and the finish of it.

It doesn't sound like too much jeweler knowledge, does it?


Myth 2: You Do Not Get Good Custom Name Jewelry Online

This may be a common myth for almost every type of jewelry right now. Sure, jewelry is precious, and you don't want to fall prey to online scams. But there are many genuine and established stores like the Silveright that have an online presence ready for you to order and get the jewelry delivered to your home. You simply need to have an eye to spot the genuine ones.

For customized name jewelry, you simply need to connect with the store via their website or the social handles, convey the sketch or a vision of the custom jewelry you are looking for and discuss the other required details.

You can also ask your vendor to show you the final product before it's dispatched to ensure that it meets your requirements. Once you approve the quality, you can get it shipped to your house at your convenience. In 2022, shopping for jewelry will be super simple and convenient. You are no longer restricted to specific store timelines and moving across geographic locations to get that one specific design made. Observing the reviews and testimonials of previous clients of a jewelry store will help you make the correct decision.


Myth 3: Custom Name Jewelry Is Always Expensive

In 2022, jewelry can be gorgeous yet affordable! If you think custom jewelry will burn a hold in your pocket, you need to rethink it today.

If you are working directly with the store and not with a middle man, you can quickly find a significant reduction in the prices of jewelry. You are simply paying for the metal charges, gemstone charges, making changes, and the other aspects that are essential, and trust us. It will only cost you a minimal amount to get high-quality custom-name jewelry made for your loved ones. If you're looking for some exceptional quality yet affordable custom name jewelry ideas, check out the collection at Silveright, and we are sure that you will indeed find a suitable choice based on your interests and budget!


Myth 4: Custom Name Jewelry Only Consist of a Name

Let's bust this myth with a real-time example.

Some examples of name jewelry with other designs and gemstones include,

  • Giselle Silver Name Ring with Birthstone
  • Ondine Silver Family Tree Personalized Name Pendant
  • Violetta Silver Horizontal Bar Name Engraved Heart Necklace

With custom name jewelry, you are no longer limited to only names in your jewelry piece. If your jewelry can go the extra mile, you can explore a wide range of intricacies based on your requirements. You can add as many gemstones or designs as you want without any limitations.

As we said, it's always better to have a rough sketch of your vision. This will help you convey the design to your jeweler accurately and get the best results. Custom jewelry is something you will cherish forever. Why restrict your creative interests? Get started with your favorite designs in customized and name jewelry at your ease.


Myth 5: Custom Jewelry Doesn't Come in Good Quality

The longevity of your jewelry depends on the metal it is built on. If you want your jewelry to last for a lifetime, you need to invest in good-quality metals such as gold, sterling silver, or platinum. These metals ensure that your custom-name jewelry never tarnishes, rust, or lose its shape.

Instead of falling prey on cheap and low-quality products, it is always better to make a slightly bigger investment and rely on suitable metals. You don't want to give a ring to your spouse as a mark of your love and find it rusted after a few years!

Apart from the metal, another crucial element that contributes to the wellbeing of your customized jewelry has to be the store you are buying from. Look for stores that offer jewelry with a trademark or hallmark to ensure that the metals and ingredients used in creating the jewelry are authentic.

Lastly, let's not forget that you need to take immense care of your custom jewelry pieces. Like your traditional jewelry, you need to keep your custom name jewelry clean and polished. This will help your jewelry last for a longer time without any rusts or damage.


Final Thoughts

Custom jewelry may seem slightly new to some people. However, this doesn't guarantee that it's not a worthy investment for your jewelry collection. When you choose the right designs, metals, and jewelers, you can create the most beautiful customized and name jewelry for you and your loved ones without any limitations! What are the most common myths you have encountered related to custom name jewelry? Let the discussion start!