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Find Your Birthstone

Find Your Birthstone

A gemstone also called a gem or precious stone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make beautiful jewelry.

Each Birthstone has Its own Meaning and Unique Beauty.Let’s Go Deep into the Understanding of these gemstones.

  1. January Birthstone

●    Garnet

The Gemstone name garnet word comes from the 14th century Middle English word gernet, meaning “dark red.” The word comes from Latin granatum, which means “seed,” and is called so because of the gemstone's resemblance to the red seeds of the pomegranate.

Garnet gemstones are for babies born in January, garnet stones are most commonly red but can be found in a range of other colors. It’s a beautiful gemstone to start the new year with.

  1. February Birthstone

●    Amethyst

Amethyst birthstone is a purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red. This birthstone can be found in every corner of the world. The birthstone's name Amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek, derived from the word methustos, which means “intoxicated.”

Amethyst gemstones are for babies born in February,as this month is often a cold, dark, and short month for many people around the world. Amethyst is a Beautiful, Rich Colored Birthstone, which is a beautiful contrast to this time of year.

  1. March Birthstone

●    Aquamarine

This aquamarine color invokes the tranquility of its namesake, the sea, the name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea.

Aquamarine Birthstone is for the lucky people with March birthdays.

  1. April Birthstone

●    Diamond

You probably already know of the diamond’s toughness. It's the hardest gemstone and is made of only one element: carbon.

Its structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond.

Diamond is For those fortunate to be born in April, Diamond birthstone is the most prized gemstone of all

  1. May Birthstone

●    Emerald

The emerald birthstone for May is  a symbol of rebirth, and is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth. Emerald comes from the word “smaragdus,” which means, quite literally, “green” in Greek.

Emerald gemstones are for those who were born in May.May birthdays fall right in the heart of spring, and the emerald is the perfect gem to symbolize and celebrate this month.

  1. June Birthstone

●    Pearl or Alexandrite

Pearl is the most beautiful gemstone from all other gemstones; it is only gems found within living creatures, both salt and freshwater mollusks.The most pearls on the market today are cultivated or cultured, since they now occur extremely rarely in nature. While pearls require special care, they have an enduring appeal for jewelry, particularly as the traditional June birthstone.

Pearl gemstones are for those who were born in June

  1. July Birthstone

●    Ruby

The ruby is the king of precious gems, and is the birthstone for fortunate folks born in July.

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, colored by the element chromium. All other colors of gem-quality corundum are called sapphire, which means color is key for this royal stone. Accordingly, the name “ruby” comes from rubeus.

  1. August Birthstone

●    Peridot

Peridot is the modern birthstone for August. You can also find this birthstone in colors from yellow-green to brown. However, the light green or lime green variety has the strongest popular connection to August.

Peridot gemstones are for those who were born in august, Traditionally, peridot symbolize strength and was used as a ward against nightmares, evil, and enchantments.

  1. September Birthstone

●    Sapphire

Although sapphire typically refers to the rich blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, this royal gemstone occurs in a rainbow of hues. Sapphires come in every color except red.

Sapphire gemstones are for those who were born in September.

  1. October Birthstone:

  • Pink Tourmaline

October has two birthstones; Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is a favorite gemstone for many because it's available in a rainbow of beautiful colors.

The name “tourmaline” comes from the Sinhalese words tura mali, which mean “stone of Rainbow colors.”

Tourmaline or Opal gemstones are for those who were born in October.

  1. November Birthstone 

●    Yellow Topaz

Citrine, a November's birthstone, is a yellow to red-orange variety of crystalline quartz. The Citrine name comes  from the citron fruit because of these lemon-inspired shades.

Through much of history, all yellow gemstones were considered topaz and all topaz was thought to be yellow. Topaz is available in many colors, and it’s likely not even related to the stones that first donned its name.

Topaz and citrine look so similar in appearance , They are of unrelated minerals, and topaz occurs in a wide spectrum of colors far beyond yellow.

  1. December Birthstone

●    Blue Zircon 

All three of December’s birthstones are best known for their beautiful shades of blue.

Don't Confused with the name Blue Zircon, It is an underrated gemstone that’s often confused with synthetic cubic zirconia due to similar names and shared use as diamond simulants. Few people realize that zircon is a spectacular natural gemstone available in a variety of colors.

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